Hurricane Ivan on 13 Sept 2004

Days of Hurricane Ivan

I’ve written extensively about the life-changing event that was Hurricane Katrina. However, I haven’t written about another hurricane which had almost as much of an impact. That would be Ivan, which made landfall on the US Gulf Coast early on the morning of September 16, 2004, one year prior to Katrina. Although my home and the community of Gautier, Mississippi, was not directly impacted Ivan had Read More →


Paddling The Basha Kill

I was up at Mom’s house in the Hudson Valley region of New York this past weekend, and had a chance to spend a few hours kayaking. I chose to paddle the Basha Kill (from the Middle Dutch kille, meaning “riverbed” or “water channel), and it turned out to be a great choice! I’ve been making monthly trips up to Mom’s house since this past March. Mom moved Read More →

Howard, Pam and Ron Charest

A Weekend Family Visit

My brother Howard and his wife Pam dropped by for a visit this past weekend. It was a particularly special event as they live on the left coast, in the Great State of California, city of Los Angeles. As best as we can figure, it’s been five years since they were last here, although I’ve visited them several times when I was on trips to Los Angeles. Read More →

The End Is Here

So after 18 years, 4,410,036 words printed across 10,173 pages in 14 books, the end is here. Trollocs and Darkhounds and Channelers; Myrddraals and Draghkars and Gholams; Darkfriends and to’rakens and more! All finished, the good guys won, and the survivors get to start the fourth age of man. I am talking of course about Robert Jordan’s “The Wheel of Time” epic, a Fantasy/SciFi epic which I started Read More →

The Passing of A Family Idol

I am sad to post that another family idol passed last week. Our Aunt Therese (fondly known as “Aunt Terry” to those of us in the family who are French-language challenged) was found dead in her apartment last Tuesday morning, July 8. Aunt Terry was 94, but she was in overall pretty good health so her sudden passing was a shock. She was the second oldest Read More →

Submarine Sail of the former "USS Parche," SSN 683

A Week On The Road

So after a two week trip exploring the exotic sights of Europe, I was back home for one week then traveling again. This time, I explored the exotic sights around Seattle, Washington, and San Diego, California. It’s a job. This trip was planned before I left for London, but due to the intricacies of Government contracting I wasn’t able to purchase tickets four weeks in advance, which would have saved Read More →

Ron and Winnie at Stonehenge

Home Again

Winnie and I returned home Saturday afternoon from our two week vacation. It turned out to be a great vacation, and we accomplished just about everything we planned on doing while still having a relaxing time. I hope to write a long-form travelogue about our trip, and will be posting pictures in the photo gallery  section soon. I have plenty of pictures to chose from Read More →

And Gone!

We’ll be leaving this evening for our vacation trip to England and France. We’re as ready as we’re going to get, and that’s all there is! We purchased train passes for Eurail France and Britrail (British equivalent of the Eurail) so we are better able to get around the countryside and explore. We also purchased some city metro passes for both London and Paris. These Read More →

Getting Set

We’ve been spending a lot of this past week prepping for our big vacation trip. I received my “Rough Guide” tour books as promised by and spent some time reading through them. I used these guide book series a lot during the years I lived in Naples, Italy, and found them really useful for getting around on my own in whatever country I happened to be Read More →

Getting Ready

Winnie and I are starting to get ready for our next big adventure. This year, we decided to take a real vacation and head out to places we both have always dreamed about seeing. Actually, there’s a lot of places we’ve dreamed about seeing someday, so narrowing it down was a bit difficult. After some thought and planning we decided that this year we’d head off to Read More →

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